How Bloggers Make Money

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  • Advertising is one of the best way for bloggers to earn money.
  • You can advertise with different advertising networks like Adsense, and any other platform to advertise.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing is another way to monetize blog.
  • If you are good at promoting products and services you can start affiliate marketing as monetization of your blog.

  • Bloggers can earn from your sponsored posts if you have enough traffic and subscribers.
  • You can create page on your blog and write all details about sponsored post acceptance and start accepting.

Selling Products

  • Bloggers earn decent amount of money with selling products directly from your blog.
  • Bloggers create digital products or services and earn from that.

Services and Consulting

  • If bloggers offer any services or consult for any service that is also generate money for them.
  • Bloggers are good at those services and get them revenue from the blog.