How To Learn and Play Guitar

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How To Learn and Play Guitar.jpg

Learn Basics

  1. Identify the parts of a guitar
    • Bridge
    • Neck
    • Frets
    • Turning Pegs
    • Headstock
  2. Hold Guitar correctly
  3. Tune the guitar
  4. Practice fretting the string
  5. Hold the pick correctly

Playing Chords

  1. Learn how to hold first position on chord
  2. Learn finger placement for chords
  3. Practice getting a clean sound from every string in the chord
  4. Play with relaxed and loose motion
  5. Learn movable chords

How to stick with it

  1. Manage with finger pain
  2. Learn to play some songs
  3. Learn how to read guitar tabs
  4. Learn from others

Other Learning Ways

  1. Learn from Online classes
  2. Learn from Offline classes
  3. Learn from Tutors

Practice daily to Get Perfection

  1. Make a routine or block time for practice on guitar.
  2. Try new tunes and enjoy your hobby