How To Make Money

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Make Money Online


  • Start blogging and make money from different types of opportunities.
  • You can create blog with Wordpress or Blogspot.
  • To make money you have options :
  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliaite Marketing
  3. Direct selling Ad Spaces - BuySellAds
  4. Sponsored Posts

Affiliate Marketing

  • You can start Affiliate Marketing with Commission Junction or
  • You have to promote products listed on the website with your affiliate link.
  • If you sell any product a certain commission will be paid to you according to the product.
  • You can promote these products on your website, videos or social media etc.

Reselling Business Online

  • In this reselling business you have to first purchase product in less price and sell it in better price and you can make money from that.
  • You can resell product or service.

Doing Business Online

  • You can do any online business and make money from that like blogging, tutor business, affiliate marketing etc.
  • You can make money from E-commerce websites also.
  • You can make money with website or without website as well.

Selling Digital Stuffs

  • You can create digital stuff like E-book, Digital courses or digital video course and sell them for a particular amount and earn money.
  • You have to just create once and promote them so that from subscription you can make regular income.

Become Publisher and Make Money with Advertisements

  • You can start website or Youtube channel and make money by showing advertisements on that.
  • You can apply for Google Adsense or like advertising companies and after getting approval show advertisements on your website or blog and make money from that.

Make Money Offline

There are plenty of ways to make money from offline from that some of them are as below:

Sell Goods in Offline Market

  • You can make money by selling your goods or services offline to your local or global customers.
  • You can create your own product or service and promote it offline and make money from that.

Real Estate Business

  • With Real Estate you can make 3 types of income
  1. Rental Income
    • In this you buy real estate property and lend that property on rent and get monthly income as rent.
  2. Appreciation Income
    • In this you buy a property in less price and sell it in higher price and the difference will be your profit.
  3. Commission Income
    • In this you are the middle man in buyer and seller and you will get commission for selling a property.


  • With farming business you can produce farm products and sell it in local market or export to outside market.
  • You need a farm and farming knowledge to product good quality products.

Make Money Online or Offline

There are many business which can be done online or offline.

  1. Cloth Shop
  2. Food Restaurant
  3. Drop shipping business
  4. E-commerce Business