How To Make Money From Blogging

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Understand Blogging

  • First try to understand why are you doing blogging, what is your passion in blogging.
  • Accordingly, you can plan for your blogging journey.

Choose Topic

  • Topic for your blog must be on which you are passionate about to write.
  • If you choose your passion as topic of blogging you can write more, research more and can represent in a better way.
  • Try to chose niche topic so that blog can rank easily.

Create Blog

  • You can start blog with Blogger but if you are aware some technical things switch to WordPress.
  • WordPress will give you more flexibility and features.

Write & Publish Content

  • Write Quality articles and write regularly it will impact on blog authority in search engine and seo.
  • If you can't write daily and publish then you can schedule your posts.

Promote content & Get enough Traffic

  • Promotion is must for any blog to get traffic.
  • You can promote your blog on Forums, QnA platforms like Quora or on Social Media etc.

Money Making Ideas in Blogging

You can make money in blogging with plenty of ways.

Direct Advertising

  • After having enough articles and traffic on blogging, you will get direct advertisers who are interested to advertise their product or service on your blog.
  • You can check the details and display their advertisement for some amount of money.

Sell Space for Advertising Websites

  • You can make money by selling your ad space for advertising website like
  • This website require some eligibility criteria like require at least 50,000 + Impressions and traffic on blog.

Become Publisher

  • You can become publisher of Google Adsense or and display their ads on your blog.
  • On Each click or impression you will earn money.

  • If your blog get famous with enough traffic, you will get some sponsored posts for some amount of money.
  • They will pay you for posting their sponsored post on your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

  • You can promote products on your blog from affiliate website like commission junction or
  • You can earn regular income whenever there is someone buy product from your link.

Sell Your Own Products

  • You can create your own product and sell it on your blog.
  • You can create product like E-book, Digital course, Video Tutorial Course etc.

Sell Digital Products

  • You can create E-books, or some digital courses and sell them as one time fees or on subscription basis.
  • You can create first your blog subscriber base and then sell your digital products to them via email marketing.