How to Make Money From Blogging

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Understand Blogging

  • Understand blogging first and why you are starting it.
  • That will keep you motivate to write regularly and promote your blog.

Choose Topic

  • Choose topic for your blogging about which you are writing articles.
  • Topics can be one or many according to your choice and your skills.
  • Choose Niche topic which you like to write about that will get targeted and quick traffic for your blog.

Create Blog

  • You need to create a blog first, you can choose either Blogspot or Wordpress as per your choice.
  • Install Better looking and SEO friendly theme.

Write & Publish Content

  • Write regularly Unique Articles and Publish it on your blog.
  • Add Pictures and related resources wherever required in the article.

Promote content & Get enough Traffic

  • You can promote content in different ways like
  1. Share articles on Social Media
  2. Add URLS to Search engines like Google,Yahoo, Bing etc.
  3. Create Sitemap and allow search engine to crawl your blog.
  4. Share content on directories, press release or community websites like Quora.

Money Making Ideas in Blogging:

After successfully creating blog and getting enough traffic you can start looking for making money out of it by following ways.

Direct Advertising
  • You can approach advertisers to get direct advertising on your website.
  • If your blog is popular enough, advertisers will come to you to advertise their products or services on your blog and you will get paid for that.
Sell Space for Advertising Websites
Display CPC or CPM Ads
Affiliate Marketing
Sell Your Own Products
Sell Digital Products