How to Start Grocery Delivery Service Business

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What is Grocery Delivery Service business

  • Grocery delivery service deals with providing groceries to the people at their doorstep.
  • Grocery deliveries make it easy for working people to simply order groceries at home instead of going out in the market
  • Grocery delivery service aims at supplying fresh fruits and vegetables also.

What is Target Market

  • The target market for grocery delivery service business involves pretty much everyone.
  • Sometimes teens live alone, or students who are hostelers or living in paying guest can easily order groceries home without having to leave and look for groceries
  • Working people also fall under the category of grocery delivery service business.
  • Many people hate going out at different shops for grocery shopping, while at online service they can easily shop and order.
  • Grocery shopping service business may also involve resorts and hotels.
  • Online grocery delivery service business also involves old people who are living alone and can not go out for grocery shopping.

How It Works

  • Grocery delivery service business is an online business venture.
  • Grocery delivery service can either work autonomously or in collaboration with grocery shops.
  • Grocery delivery service will probably involve an online app or website where people can shop and order.
  • Grocery delivery can also be done via telephonic calls.
  • Grocery delivery service will charge an extra fee for delivering.
  • Grocery delivery service will take orders online and will deliver the groceries to the doorstep of the customers.
  • Grocery delivery service can also give discounts and offers to their regular customers encouraging them to shop more.

Business Requirements

  • In order to open a grocery delivery service Business, you will need a decent sum to invest
  • Grocery delivery service Business needs a lot of hard-work and investment to finally yield into good business.
  • A grocery delivery service needs a business plan
  • Your business plan will estimate the start-up cost for your business.
  • The business plan will also decide your business goals.
  • You will have to hire people for delivery of groceries.
  • Your business plan will estimate the number of workers needed, and how much should they be paid.
  • Grocery delivery service requires a lot of patience in its initial stage.

Funding Options

  • You can use any savings that you have in your account.
  • You can take small business loans from banks
  • In case of lack of proper collaterals, you can take loans from other financial institutions.
  • You can borrow money from friends and family also.
  • You can even keep your jewelries or properties on mortgage to get money.

Income Sources

  • You will earn your revenue from the groceries that you deliver
  • You will earn extra money for delivery charges, varying according to the locality of your customers, how far or near they are to the shop.
  • The delivery boy may also earn extra tip from the customers.