How to Start Handball Court Business

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What is Handball Court business

  • A handball court is a ground where players can play handball.
  • A handball game consists of players throwing balls to each other with the aim of scoring into the court of another team.
  • A standard handball match lasts for 30 minutes, the teams with the most goals wins the match.
  • A handball court requires a decent acre of land approximately 40 by 20 meters that is, 131ft by 66 ft.
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What is Target Market

  • The target market for a handball court business will includes players who play handball
  • Handball court business target market will include professional handball games organizations
  • Depending on how big or small you set your business goals your target market will vary
  • You may also be hired by a certain educational institution for the installation of handball courts in their premises.

How It Works

  • A handball court business can work in two ways
  • One way involves installation of handball court in certain area as per needs of clients
  • The second way involves owning of hand ball court.
  • You can own hand ball court and allow players to play on your court
  • You can also hold matches, professional or casual whatever that suits your business.

Business Requirements

  • You will need to do proper researching then form a business plan
  • You will need to make contacts and seek out potential customers.
  • You need to buy a land that is at least 131 ft by 66 ft for the handball court business.

Funding Options

  • For a handball court business, you will need a decent sum to begin your business with.
  • If you have enough savings in your account you can use that money for initial investment, remember within a short period of time you will yield good profit
  • You can take business loans from banks also.
  • Explore all the loan options that are available in the market, choose the scheme and a bank that fits your business requirement well.
  • You can also take loans from other financial institutions, like society associations or friends associations.
  • If you lack a few amounts even after taking loans from banks, you can borrow money from friends or family.
  • You can offer them the option of interest in case of high needs.

Income Sources

  • Handball court business has a good income source.
  • Handball courts also require regular maintenance and cleaning; you can earn for providing those services as well.
  • You can hold handball matches and allow membership for your club
  • Your handball court business can have either a private club, or you can collaborate with people who are interested.

Marketing resources

  • You can register yourself with google and upload your contact as well as location of your business for people to contact you easily.
  • You can advertise your services in local magazines and newspapers.
  • You can give away and give people pamphlets and flyers that have all the information about your services, contact and location.