How To Advertise On Social Media

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Platforms To Advertise


  • Facebook is one of the best social media platform for advertising.
  • It has paid to click, paid to impression, video ads and text ads.


  • Twitter also best social media platform for promoting products or services.
  • Promoted tweets, Image Ads, Video Ads and Text ads are types of ad formats in twitter.


  • LinkedIn is for professional people connection social media platform.
  • Sponsored content, Sponsored Messaging, Text Ads and Dynamic Ads are the types of ad formats included in the LinkedIn


  • Pinterest is social media platform where people use pin images to promote business or service.
  • Image ads or Video ads are the ad formats useful in Pinterest.


  • Instagram is great social media platform for new age advertising.
  • Image Ads, Stories Ads, Video, Carousel, Collection, Explore Ads are these type of ads they are providing.

Types of Advertisement

  • There are multiple ad formats for each social media platform to advertise services.
  • Every platform provide different ad formats.

Text Ads

  • Text Ads are the best useful with informative content in the campaign.
  • This type of ad formats include Title, Ad description, URL and keywords.

Image Ads

  • Image ads are useful for graphics with text to advertise service.
  • Image Ad include banner or image with your service page URL.

Posts Ads

  • Social media posts are also useful in promoting services or products.
  • Facebook, Pinterest and instagram like those platform include posts ads.

Video Ads

  • You can create video and include in this type of video ads campaign.
  • Video advertisement can provide meaningful information of your service and easy to convey your message to the audience.

Stories Ads

  • Instagram stories are useful in social media advertising.
  • These can include Text, Image, description and URL etc.