How To Attract Local Customers With SEO

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Create a Google My Business Account

  • Google My Business is best way to list your business online directory to get local customers.
  • You will be registered on map that will easy for customers to find your business.

Acquire as Many Nearby Reviews as Feasible

  • Get feedback reviews from your existing and new customers so that you can place it on your website or use for your business.
  • Customer reviews can build trust for new upcoming customers about your business.

Don't Forget About Social Media

  • You can advertise your business on social media free or paid.
  • You can create page or channel on social media and post information about your business.

Classified Advertisement

  • You can place classifieds in newspaper to get local customers.
  • Also you can submit classifieds in online websites.

Hire Social Media Consultant

  • You can hire social media consultant for your business to get top in search engine.
  • You will get on top for your keywords and in that way you will get lot of customers for your business.

PPC Advertising

  • You can advertise with Pay per click model with following companies.
    1. Google Adwords
    2. Facebook
    3. Microsoft Bing
    4. Quora
  • In this type of advertisement, you are paying for each click and each customer visit your website.