How To Become A Travel Blogger

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Choose Travel Niche and Type Of Blog

  • Choose your travel niche in which you are passionate about
  • Travel Niche Types like:
    1. List
    2. Travel Reviews
    3. Travel Advices
    4. Travel Topics
    5. Travel Experience Interviews

Choose Blog Name

  • Select your travel blog name that should be short, unique and easy to remember.
  • Blog name should be SEO friendly.

Set Up Blog

  • You can choose Wordpress to set up travel blog.
  • Install best theme and necessary plugins.
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Write Content and Promote It

  • Read books, online videos and travel along the world if necessary and write your experience.
  • Start writing content for your blog and promote it online with social media, directories and any other way.

Get Traffic

  • Start getting traffic by promoting content.
  • You can write SEO friendly content and submit sitemap in webmaster tools.

Start Making Money

  • If your blog start getting enough traffic, start making money out of it.
  • You can make money by:
    1. Become Publisher and Display Advertising (Adsense)
    2. Sell Your Ad Space directly (BuySellAds)
    3. Sponsored Posts
    4. Affiliate Marketing
    5. Sell Your Own Products or Services.
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