How To Do Typing Practice

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Start With the Basics

Learn the proper finger placement and keyboard layout through typing tutorials and exercises.

Use Typing Games and Exercises

Online typing games and exercises can be a fun way to practice and improve your typing skills.

Take Typing Tests and Record Your Speed and Accuracy

Online typing tests and calculators can be used to track your progress and set goals for improvement.

Practice Regularly

Set aside a regular time each day to practice typing, starting with shorter sessions and gradually increasing the duration as your skills improve.

Use Proper Posture and Hand Positioning

Make sure that you are sitting up straight and positioning your hands correctly on the keyboard to improve speed and accuracy.

Type a Variety of Materials

Practice typing different types of texts, such as emails, articles, and novels, to improve your skills.

Customize Your Practice

Use typing software that allow you to customize your practice by selecting specific characters, words, or phrases to focus on.

Try Different Typing Techniques

Try different typing techniques such as hunt-and-peck, thumb typing and others that may work best for you.

Embrace Text Prediction and Autocomplete

Use this feature to help you type faster and reduce errors.

Seek Feedback

Get feedback on your typing skills from professional or experts, this will help to identify areas where you need to improve.

Practice With a Goal in Mind

Set a goal for your typing speed and accuracy, this will help to give you focus and motivation to improve.


Keep practicing regularly, as it's the key to success in any skill.