How To Find Blog Ideas That Make Money

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Find Your Passion

  • Your passion will give you best idea to interesting work and make money.
  • Find the passion that will provide you a way to make money.
  • That will gives you writing content for your passion for blog.

Review Blogs

  • You can start review writings for your blog and publish high quality reviews.
  • These reviews can be for products, businesses, people interviews etc.

Personal Finance

  • Personal finance is broad topic which can give you lot of best ideas for your blog.
  • Making money, manage money, plan your finance etc. are some of the topics for writing about personal finance.


  • Technology is changing in every period of time so you will get plenty of blogging ideas to write on technology.
  • You can write on technology topics and attract users who are interested in technology.

Health and Fitness Blog

  • Health and fitness becoming one of the most important need in every human being's life.
  • You can write on health topics and spread awareness in people.

Business and Marketing Blog

  • This type of blogs are generally talking about money, finance, business ideas, marketing strategies etc.
  • You can get lot of ideas for this type of blog.

Travel Blog

  • You can write on travelling experience, city, culture etc.
  • People love to know different cultures, travelling experience and information about cities.


  • Fashion becoming a big trend in the world in any field.
  • People likes to get information about different fashion and styles about cloths, living styles, makeup and many more.


  • Every people have their different lifestyle according to their choice and situation.
  • You can write on different lifestyle and how to manage them.

Food Blog

  • If you love food, cooking or taste food you can write about that on your blog.
  • You can get different ideas about food because there are much more different types of foods and recipes available.

Online Tools

Google Keyword Planner

  • Type any keyword and you will get many keyword ideas related to your search keyword.
  • You can see CPC for each keyword, volume and competition for that keyword

Uber Suggest

  • Ubersuggest also suggests you with different keyword ideas to write for your blog.
  • This also provides you CPC,volume,competition and competitors information

Keyword Everywhere

  • This is another best solution for getting different keyword ideas.
  • Also, you can install google chrome extension and you will get ideas while you search on Google.