How To Make Money From Blogging As Beginners

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Setup Blog

  • You can setup blog first for your blogging journey.
  • You can create blog with platform like WordPress.

Write and Publish Quality Content

  • Start writing and try to improve your content.
  • You can learn on how to write for your specific blog niche and add value to your creative content.

Promote Blog

  • After writing enough content, promote your blog.
  • You can start promoting blog with Search engine optimization and social media.

Apply For Advertising Platforms

  • You can start monetizing of your blog with advertising platform.
  • Advertising platforms like Adsense, etc. are the best platforms to get blog monetization.

Start Earning With Advertising

  • After applying for advertising, you will get approval from those advertising networks.
  • You can start showing advertisements on blog and earn from advertising.

Selling Products

  • You can start product selling on your blog.
  • If you are having any product to sell and that is relevant to your audience that can promote on your blog.

Promote Products with Affiliate Marketing

  • You can apply for affiliate marketing on websites like and SHareasale or any other best affiliate marketing site you like.
  • You can earn commission from selling affiliate products.

Start Accepting Sponsored Posts

  • If you have enough traffic and subscribers on your blog, you can start accepting sponsored posts.
  • Businesses will approach you for sponsored posts if they get value in your blog.