How To Read, Write and Access Information From a USB Drive

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A USB drive consists of a small chip, known as flash memory, it stores data and information in any digital form. You can use a USB drive to import and export files, images, videos and documents. A USB drive follows read and write functions, allowing the user for an easy access.

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Follow the below steps to READ contents of a USB drive.

Step 1. Find The Port

  • Your computer or laptop will have a USB port available, look for the port on the either sides of a laptop and front and back of a personal computer.

Step 2. Insert The USB

  • Once you find the port insert your USB inside the port carefully and wait for your system to read it.

Step 3. Find The USB Folder

  • Depending on the setting installed in your computer you will either see a pop up showing you options to access different types of file inside the USB
  • Or you can click to My computer and find your flash drive.

Step 4. Open The Folder

  • Click on your flash drive and a screen will open showing you all the files that are available on the USB.

Step 5. Read File

  • To read any file you just need to click on it and it will open. Like you do with any files on your computer.
  • To write information on your USB drive, follow the above four steps.
  • After you open up your flash drive you can write information or insert information in the form of images or videos directly on to the flash drive.

If you want to transfer information from your system to another system you can do it with the help of a USB drive.

  • Copy the contents from system one to the USB drive.
  • Eject USB from system one. On the right bottom corner, you will find an option “to eject”. Click on it and then remove the USB drive from the port carefully.
  • Insert the USB to system second.
  • Copy and Paste the content from USB to 2 system.
  • Follow the same process of ejecting a USB.

You can read, write and access information from USB to directly on your smartphone or tablets as well.

  • You will need to buy An OTG or On the Go adapter to connect the USB directly to your phones.
  • An OTG comes in different sizes according to different phones.
  • You need to buy one, that will be inserted on the charging socket of your phone.
  • Using OTG here’s how you can read and write information from a USB drive.
  • Connect USB to the OTG cable or connector.
  • A pop up will appear on your smartphone. Select your flash drive. Or you can go to files on your smartphones and open flash drive from there.
  • Following the same process of copy and paste you can transfer files from phone to USB and vice versa.

A USB is a user-friendly component, which gives you freedom to easily access, transfer, read and write files. It is advisable to keep a USB always handy.