How to Create a GIF Animation

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GIF, known as the Graphics Interchange Format, was first developed by an American computer scientist working at CompuServe on 15th June 1987. It is still a debatable concept that how to spell and pronounce the word. Some people are also confused between the short videos and GIF format animations with the other graphical animations.

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  • It is a compression extension and storage for digital visual information like an image, short videos, video formats using emojis, emoticons, and texted versions of a video.
  • It is a bitmap image format.
  • It is in widespread use by the whole world for sharing information, emotions, and feelings.

Easy steps to make a GIF animation using your phone application

Method 1- On WhatsApp

  1. Steps to make the GIF in WhatsApp is as below-
  2. In the chat box, click on the attachment (pin-like) sign.
  3. Tap on the button showing gallery.
  4. Search and browse the gallery for the video you wish to convert into GIF
  5. Tap on the video selected to go for the preview.
  6. Trim the video part you want to convert for 6 seconds
  7. As the video is converted, a GIF button will pop up just below the timeline.

Method 2- Using Snapchat

Steps to create a GIF using Snapchat is as follows-

  1. Open the application Snapchat
  2. Record a photo or a video using the application
  3. After recording the photo or video, click the sticker button on the right side of your screen.
  4. Now in the sticker tab, search for the GIF button and click on it.
  5. Now you will see the recommendations for the trending GIF.
  6. Now search for any theme you wish to insert the GIF.


  • GIF is the format that serves a dynamic structure that allows the users to show off the details in a motion way.
  • The static and motion-less photographs usually fail this.
  • The animation, which can be customized and provided as per the requirement, allows the users to highlight the key feelings and emotions and use the format more frequently. It also increases social media usage and engagement.
  • As the current generation is fonder of videos and GIFs, they are the most frequent users of this advanced technology format.