How to Start a Business With No Investment

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Sell Your Service or Expertise Online

  • If you have any good service or expertise, you can sell services online.
  • If you sell your service online it requires no investment or less investment.

Use Social Media to Market Your Service

  • To market your product or service, you can use social media.
  • With social media you can promote your business online free.

Promote Product or Service to Relatives or Friends

  • You can start promoting your products or services to relatives or friends.
  • Relatives and friends would be your genuine customers to test your product.

Start Free Website and Promote Services

  • If you don't have website you can start free online website and promote your services on website.
  • There are plenty of platforms which provides free website builder like, WIX etc.

Sell Your Expertise or Hobbies Online

  • You can sell your expertise online by creating tutorials or digital courses.
  • Udemy or Coursera are the best websites to sell your online courses.

Use Online Directory or Business Listing Websites

  • Business listing websites and online directories are the best way to create backlinks and advertising your website to attract new customers.
  • There are some popular business listing websites like Google Business, JustDial, IndiaMart, YellowPages etc.