Why Mobile Learning Might Be Considered The Future Of Education

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After the first phase of the pandemic, India's progress toward digitalization has picked up speed. In the education field, digitalization is becoming more and more important. Online schools, colleges, universities, tutoring centers, and other educational institutions began to run.

All kindergarten through grade 12 mobile learning classes have been moved to online conference portals like Zoom, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Jio Meet, and custom portals. Students can go to their classes worldwide by logging in to their accounts on the online portal.

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What's mobile learning?

  • Mobile learning is the process of taking classes from online school portals on a smartphone.
  • As was already said, all schools, colleges, and universities have switched from teaching in-person to teaching online.
  • So, every student in the country is learning on their phones, tablets, or laptops.
  • It's also known as M-learning, and it's very helpful for students taking special courses at institutions that are far away.
  • Teachers can teach students from any continent, country, state, city, or village. An online school's lessons will always include ways to learn on mobile devices.

Scope of Mobile Education

  • According to an analysis, most people in our country prefer to use smartphones over other digital devices like tablets, iPads, and laptops because they are easier to carry around.
  • As everyone knows, nothing is as easy to carry around as a smartphone. Smartphones are usually between 4.5 inches by 2 inches and 7 inches by 3 inches, making them easy to carry, move, and use.
  • Considering all these things, mobile is the most popular way to get electronic education because it is easy to use, available everywhere, and cheap.
  • Because it is the most popular, accessible, and easy-to-use method of education, M-learning is thought to have a wide range of uses.

Pros of mobile learning

  • As we've already discussed, this way of learning is better for students because it's easy to get to, cheap, compatible, and portable.
  • There are too many benefits of mobile learning to list them all here.

Learning on the go:

  • This is a direct reference to the fact that m-learning is portable.
  • Students can go to educational sessions on their phones without any trouble, no matter where they are in the world. A student needs a smartphone that can connect to the internet well.

Diverse content:

  • Anyone, at any time, from anywhere, can get access to almost any kind of educational content.
  • Many websites, mobile apps, and web pages let you take online courses for free or for a fee.

Increased digital literacy:

  • Accessing online educational content raises a person's level of digital literacy. Every time someone surfs the web, they learn something new about the digital world.

Audio and video:

  • Pictures and videos are always better and more effective than reading a book.
  • The effective learning method is supported by audio and video content through mobile learning, which turns out to be more interesting than learning from books.

Here's why it's the Future of Education

  • Learning that can be done on mobile devices is the wave of the future in education since it has the potential to transform the entire educational system.
  • In addition to its many positive qualities, it also possesses several other advantages that will greatly assist students in the long term.

Personalization of Education:

  • A student can easily change the style, content, and readability of their schoolwork to fit their own needs.
  • To put it simpler, people can choose what they want to learn.

Dynamic Approach:

  • Mobile learning also supports teaching methods that change over time.
  • This means it can help students learn in any digital way they prefer. Also, there are many ways to learn different kinds of information.


  • If the assets are used correctly, this learning method will make the learner more productive.
  • It plays a big part in making people smarter.

Digital Priority:

  • When people use their phones to learn, they value digital media more than print media.
  • This makes the digitalization revolution go faster and gives it more power.

Technological Tools:

  • People will learn about many technological tools that can be used to solve everyday problems in education and academics.
  • These tools help people grow both personally and professionally.

Mobile learning is the most cutting-edge method of education now available, and a growing number of online schools, institutes, and colleges are adopting it. Learners are introduced to a fresh approach to completing tasks, one that, when put to appropriate use, carries the potential to yield many advantages.

On the other hand, a similar thing can be employed in a way that is neither beneficial nor detrimental. Mobile learning has the potential to reach a large number of students and educate them all in the most mobile place on earth, which is India. As a result, mobile learning has the potential to be considered the future of the education system in India.