How To Make Money Online From Home

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Become a Advertisement Publisher

  • You can become publisher and start advertising on website or Mobile Application, YouTube Video Channel, Instagram Pages or Facebook Pages.
  • Google Adsense : With Google Adsense you can earn from advertising on Website, Mobile Applications or YouTube Video Channels
  • Instagram : You can become publisher and earn from Instagram Pages and short reels.

Become a Freelancer

Become a Consultant

  • If you are expert in any skill or field you can become a consultant and work for clients.
  • You can get clients as per your expertise and earn as per your price for consultation
  • You can get clients from Freelancing websites or directly from your network.

Earn Online Money from YouTube

  • Create Videos on any topics you are expert.
  • Apply for YouTube Monetization.
  • Complete 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers and get approval.
  • Create regular videos and start earning money.

Invest in Stock Market

  • Learn stock market investing from courses,experience or online.
  • Start with small money, experience it and then start investing.
  • Invest in Fundamentally strong stocks for long time.
  • You can start investing first in Mutual funds, Index funds or large cap stocks for safety.
  • As you gain knowledge, you can start investing in small cap, mid cap or penny stocks for multibagger returns.

Make Money from Facebook, Instagram

  • You can create Social media page and start earning from each posts.
  • You can earn from Page, Reels, Short videos etc.
  • Create Account, Create Profile and start posting your informative content to get followers and viewers.

Buy & Sell Domains

  • You can make money by flipping the domains. You can buy best domain names at lower price and sell it on better price.
  • This way you can choose some short, famous, easy to remember domain names and sell it on

Become a Writer

  • Writing is one of the passion where you can make money.
  • You can write articles and get paid for it.
  • You can use freelancing websites like or to get projects for writing.

Make Money From Blogging

  • Start your own blog and make money in plenty of ways like advertising, become publisher, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing etc.
  • You can start blog with WordPress.
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Affiliate Marketing

  • You can start affiliate marketing with websites like commission Junction or
  • You will get affiliate link to promote products and services and will get commission for every purchase.

Start a Company

  • If you have idea with product or service then start company with that product or service and make money.
  • Start with small improvements and reach to the customers and scale up business to the next level.

Open a Digital Store

  • You can start digital store and make money from it.
  • You can use smart devices in digital store for easy service.