How To Start Food Blog With Wordpress

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If you are passionate about food blogging, you should start food blog and teach people online with your blog.

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Choose Name for Your Blog

  • Select your blog name related to food so that people can easily identify that this blog is about food.
  • Name should be easy, unique and short as much as possible.

Purchase Domain and Hosting

  • If you are ready with blog name, check is it available to register domain. If not choose different name which is available to register.
  • Purchase hosting to host your Food Blog.
  • Connect your domain name servers to hosting.

Install Wordpress

  • You can take any platform to start your food blog but wordpress is better to start blog so install it in your hosting.
  • If you don't know how to install Wordpress you can hire someone or check our tutorial.
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Install Food Theme and Necessary Plugins

  • Choose best food theme and install in your blog.
  • Install necessary plugins like Yoast SEO, Akismat and many other plugins from Wordpress admin.

Start Writing Food Related Content

  • After successful setup of food blog start writing food related posts.
  • Write post, insert best looking images, add keywords and publish your post regularly.

Get Traffic

  • Promote blog posts online.
  • Submit post on social media sites, directories, webmaster tools.
  • Create sitemap and submit in webmaster tools.

Approach The Sponsors

  • As soon as you get enough traffic, you will start getting sponsors.
  • You can also approach these sponsors through their Email and website.

Start Making Money

  • You can start making by following ways:
    1. Display Advertising
    2. Apply for Adsense
    3. Sponsored Posts
    4. Affiliate Marketing
    5. Sell Your Own Products or Services.
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